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Flairpath Tesitmonials

"Whilst on holiday in Turkey, my wife, who is allergic to mosquito and wasp bites, had two terrible wasp bites, but thankfully the Turkish hotel owner took the poison out with an Aspivenin – it was so simple and effective." - Mr. J. L. H., Merseyside, UK


"I first saw Aspivenin used to treat an insect bite on a fellow traveller whilst on holiday in Turkey and, having purchased one, my wife used it on our return home. In both cases the bites came to nothing, as there was minimal inflammation and no irritation. I could not help but be impressed by the apparent efficacy of the device, and will take it with me when we travel to Africa later this year." - Dr. M. T., Cambridge, UK


"As my business is building bridges for logging companies, many of my overseas trips involve periods in deep tropical rain forests and it has certainly been a comfort having my trusty Aspivenin with me. Whilst I am pleased to say that the opportunity to trial the product on a snake bite has not arisen, it has certainly been effective on insect stings, even several hours after the event, and gives considerable relief. It may interest you to know that I demonstrated the product to some of the foresters in Guyana; given that they are constantly in danger from many venomous beasts, they showed very great interest." - Mr. D. R., Stockport, UK


"I am writing to say how impressed I am with your Aspivenin device. Whoever invented it deserves a medal! I have for many years been extremely allergic to mosquito and cat flea bites. Foreign holidays have been a nightmare and trips to cat-owning friends’ houses likewise. Each bite develops into a persistent red swelling which itches and hurts quite uncontrollably for at least a week. I have tried everything and often end up with the affected part swathed in ice packs, which afford about an hour’s relief at the most – and them I am awake again. Last week I was suffering from two nasty cat flea bites from a neighbour’s house. I applied the vacuum pump to both bites that afternoon and again that evening. The itching subsided almost immediately. I went to bed…..and suddenly it was morning – a miracle!" - Miss L. M., Devon, UK


"I recently saw on a BBC News 24 travel programme, a mention of a product called Aspivenin. My wife reacts badly to various stings and bites and as a consequence I thought that anything, particularly something environmentally friendly, must be an essential for tropical travel. We flew out to Antigua armed with the Aspivenin. We were both attacked by most of the local beasties and out came the Aspivenin. The results were spectacular and instant. Most of the other guests spent their time scratching; we seemed to be the only guests who, although bitten and stung, did not suffer from the infernal itch. Several fellow guests were so impressed that they were asking us where we bought this miracle worker. I strongly recommend this product to everyone for use abroad or in the UK." - Dr. R. C. G. MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP. Essex, UK


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