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Information about specific bites - scorpions and spiders

The arachnid class (scorpions, spiders, harvest mites etc.) live anywhere. While they have common characteristics, arachnid orders are morphologically very different. The toxicity of the venom and inoculating organ of some represent very efficient attack and defence mechanisms.

scorpion stingsSCORPIONS

The scorpion is part of the arachnid family. Its order contains an amazing 14,000 species. Their great adaptive ability means they can be found in diverse settings; caves, beaches, tropical and Mediterranean forests, steppes, deserts etc. Size varies from 1 to 25 cms and their life span is about 3 years. 

Their peak activity period is the beginning of night when they go hunting. When they sting, the muscled tail with the sting at its end is projected towards the front. The symptoms of a scorpion sting can be quite variable. In most cases the principal symptom is very intense pain for 12 to 24 hours. This is sometimes accompanied by sweating, shaking, colic or nausea. Risk of death is mainly amongst children and young adolescents. 

Use of the Aspivenin® pump can significantly reduce the venom injected and immediately relieve the pain and discomfort, however, in serious cases medical care should always be sought without delay.


Spiders are part of the Arachnid family and they live in all inhabited areas. 40,000 species have been recorded. All spiders are venomous and a small number of spider bitesspecies are truly dangerous. The complexity of their venom is like that of snakes. 

spider biteGenerally the inoculation of spider’s venom causes a painful inflammatory reaction, but there are many other complex symptoms which are both varied and more or less serious according the case. Some of the species with very toxic venom  are the button spider and the black widow. Tarantulas, although much feared, seldom deliver a fatal bite.  

After a spider bite, Aspivenin® is the best thing to use to relieve pain and decrease stress and fear. If bitten by a known highly-venomous spider, such as an Australian funnel-web or black widow, always seek medical attention, whilst removing as much of the venom as possible with the Aspivenin® vacuum pump.

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